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ID: 5989664 NEW! Online NOW!
Margarita, 33 years Minsk, Belarus
Hello, my name's Margarita. I live in Minsk, Belarus. As for my personality - to describe myself here will be very subjective, so will better tell later after our correspondence and meeting. I can ...

ID: 8687062 Online NOW!
Ludmila, 43 years Malmö, Skåne, Sweden
My partner will be my soulmate: a friend and a lover. I believe he is loving smart, mature, with a sense of humor and style. He is a real Man and knows what he wants. I will give him my love, ...

ID: 8552939 Online NOW!
Svetlana, 46 years Vitebsk, Belarus
Hi, thanks for your interest to me : ) I Svetlana from Belarus and I'm looking for my life partner. Why here? Why not : ) It's very difficult to find someone who will be your best friend, your lover, ...

ID: 7027577 Online NOW!
Anna, 32 years Kazan, Russian Federation
I’m a very gentle woman and would like to meet a man who is a leader. I dream about a happy marriage and a loving husband. I love animals and cannot imagine my home without pets.

ID: 2838707 NEW! Online NOW!
Nadejda, 30 years Izmir, Turkey
I am looking for a family-oriented intelligent man.

ID: 5609611 Online NOW!
Natalia, 38 years Odessa, Ukraine
Partner presentation – Partner requirements: My man must be serious and smart. I like men who know what they are worth and respect others. I want to be proud of him! I would love to meet a loving ...

ID: 3798443 Online NOW!
Oksana, 24 years Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Russian Federation
My love, I'm willing to take your breath away and give you a lifelong tenderness, happy marriage, endless honeymoon and adorable kids. My name is Oksana. I was born and living in a Novosibirsk city, ...

ID: 3437502 NEW! Online NOW!
Svitlana, 44 years Kiev, Ukraine
I am looking for a real man, calm, intelligent, strong, funny and kind. He must be honest. I would like to find a man for marriage. I am looking only for a serious relationship.

ID: 3905059 NEW! Online NOW!
Lily, 24 years Kharkiv, Ukraine
Everything starts with friendship ;) Hi, I'm a caring, loyal, patient girl from Ukraine looking for a good man who will become my friend and, hopefully, someone more special... Are you my man? Let's ...

ID: 6919585 Online NOW!
Natalia, 32 years Moscow, Russian Federation
I'm looking for something long-term and serious, someone who is optimistic, self-assured, caring, respectful, cheeky, has a positive energy, knows what he wants, willing to spend time exploring and ...

ID: 2452956 Online NOW!
Marina, 35 years Saint-petersburg, Russian Federation
Hello, my name is Marina and I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am here on this site to meet a good man for marriage. I do not like clubs, parties, endless shopping. Without a crown on my head. I ...

ID: 6059835 NEW! Online NOW!
Svetlana, 43 years Kursk, Russian Federation
He should arise admiration and delight in me. What he does, how he does it, whether he is working in the garden or cooking at the weekend , when he is asleep or driving a car. Appearance is of no ...

ID: 9420023 NEW! Online NOW!
Larisa, 40 years Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, Ukraine
Hello, I am Larisa. I am looking for a sincere, honest, reliable and family oriented man. He will be my passionate lover, my best friend and a partner whom I will respect, trust and he will trust ...

ID: 5074268 Online NOW!
Anna, 32 years Yaroslavl (Ярославль), Russian Federation
I'd like to meet an energetic man, who knows what he wants. I hope to meet my soul mate who will share my interests and will simply enjoy spending time together. But first of all I want a sincere ...

ID: 5439175 Online NOW!
Elena, 26 years St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Hello guys :) Im looking for a hero of my life, for a lovely, caring, gentleman. With whom I can watch sunsets and build a family, and with whom I will never stop smiling :)

ID: 4155685 Online NOW!
Tatiana, 37 years Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Region, Russian Federation
What is important for love ? 0ne says it's the age, the brains maybe the height that like the bridge leads to the heart One looks for a soulmate , a friend and a lover Someone appreciates the ...

ID: 7007748 Online NOW!
Natalia, 46 years Novoaltaysk, Altay region, Russian Federation
I'm looking for an intelligent and honest man to give him joy and care, love and warmth and make him the happiest man in the Universe. If you are interested, I'll be happy to hear from you.

ID: 6702119 Online NOW!
Ekaterina, 28 years Omsk, omsk, Russian Federation
Hi! I am Ekaterina from Omsk, Russia. I am a family-oriented, tender and generous girl. I am looking for a man who will be my friend, my lover, my husband, a father for our future children. I am ...

ID: 7322632 NEW! Online NOW!
Olga, 40 years Tula, Russian Federation
I am a gentle, sensible and intelligent woman. I love this life and I am thankful to it for many good things I have experienced. I tragically lost my husband several years ago. But I have learned how ...

ID: 3101829 Online NOW!
Nadezda, 38 years Moscow, Russian Federation
I DO know how to love and how to be loved I know too. I`m also charming & have a brilliant sense of humour- you won`t be bored with me even in ten hours delay at the airport...

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